Transition to the Adolescent Program

This is the transitioning process for currently enrolled students completing Senior Primary (Yr. 6), who are looking for entry into the Adolescent Community (Yr.7).

Term 1

Week 2 – Parents are notified by email of the transitioning process requirements, the due dates and how to book the Parent Information Evening and Student Interviews.

Parents are required to book in for the Parent Information Evening and Student Interviews with the Assistant Principal.  The online booking links are provided at the time of this notification.

The Student Questions and Essay form is also emailed to parents. Students are asked to complete a number of short answer questions and write a short essay. This form is to be returned to prior to their interview with the Assistant Principal.

Week 4Parent Information Evening: Assistant Principal Larissa Rook (Head of the Adolescent Community) meets with the parents of the current year 6 students to share information about the Adolescent Program and answer any questions in relation to the program.

Term 1 & Term 2

Late Term 1 – mid Term 2Student Interviews – Students and their parents meet with the Assistant Principal of the Adolescent Program. Students are asked to bring their Senior Primary portfolio to this interview.

Expression of Interest: Expression of Interest forms are sent out to the parents of the students applying.  Theses forms are due back by mid May.

Term 2

Week 4 – Follow Up Meetings:  The Assistant Principal of the Adolescent Community may request a Follow Up Meeting with parents as required.  These meetings are a forum for feedback, discussion and follow up of the student’s transition.

Week 9   – Notification of Entry: A Confirmation of Transition letter will be sent out to parents (and students) who attended interviews and lodged an Expression of Interest form.  These letters will be sent out via email.

Term 4

Week 4Transition Visits: Students will spend a number of days experiencing the Adolescent Community

Last week of SchoolRite of Passage Ceremony: Parents will be invited to attend the highly anticipated Rite of Passage Ceremony which occurs on the second last day of school. The entire MIC student community take part in a guard of arms through which the transitioning students leave the primary campus and are welcomed by the Adolescent Community on the other side.

COVID-19 Updates: All MIC students have returned to school Read More