Health, Physical Education and Sport

Integral to Health and Physical Education is the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies that enable students to confidently and competently participate in a range of physical activities.

Movement is a powerful medium for learning through which students can develop and practise a range of personal, social and cognitive skills. Students develop expertise and physical fitness in movement skills and activities as a prelude for lifelong physical activity participation and to appreciate the significance of physical activity and sport in Australian society.

Our Health and Physical Education specialists guide and lead the students to refine and enhance learning in this important aspect of education.

Early Years
The vital foundations can be fostered in the Early Years (3-6 years) with the beginnings of spatial awareness, balance skills, understanding of their body’s reactions as well as fostering enjoyment and teamwork through movement.

Primary College
In the Primary College (6-12 years) there are opportunities for more organised sport and recreation involvement and the understanding of healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, all students in Junior Primary participate in a swimming and water safety program at the Buderim Aquatic Centre for one week in Term 1.

Guest presenters also visit the College to encourage students to try different sports such as softball, karate, basketball, netball, dance, gymnastics, soccer, touch football and athletics.

Adolescent Community
In the Adolescent Community (12-18 years) all students undertake studies in Health and Physical Education with the option to choose additional Recreation and Sport Science subjects in the senior years. These courses delve more specifically into sport and recreation organisation and its role in individual and community health, how the body functions to learn and perform specific movement skills and an exploration of the vocational opportunities in these sectors.

In addition to regular sports students have opportunities to participate in mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming/life saving, hiking/orienteering and surfing.

Whole School
A Whole School Rainforest Run is held once per year, where all students from Junior Primary through to Senior Phase participate by running through the rainforest with the event also serving as a cross country event. The run is followed by afternoon tea and time together as a community.

District Sport
Senior Primary, Adolescent Community and Senior Phase students have the opportunity to participate in district sport if they choose to. Most recently, students have participated in swimming, cross country and track and field events.

The Physical Education and Sport programs at MIC are coordinated by our HPE Specialists Natalie Carlyle and Steve Ling.