Who owns MIC? Is it privately owned?

No, MIC is not privately owned. It is an incorporated, registered not-for-profit organisation that is governed by an independent, expert Board of Directors. Each board member holds a shared responsibility for the ultimate legal authority of the organisation and in ensuring the business remains sustainable through good governance.

When starting some three year-olds begin with half days on a few days a week, but it’s not long before they are ready to do more and want to do more. We offer part-time options in our Early Learning (preschool) program: either 2 days per week, 4 days per week or 5 days per week for 3 year olds and either 3 days per week or 5 days per week for 4 year olds. Prep (school-aged) children are required to attend every day – 5 days per week.

Please email us at enrolments@mic.qld.edu.au if you’re interested in finding out more.

Maria Montessori said learning between three and six years old (the Absorbent Period) takes place spontaneously without effort, leading children to enter Junior Primary with a clear, concrete sense of many abstract concepts. Montessori helps children to become self-motivated, self-disciplined, and to retain the sense of curiosity that so many children lose along the way in traditional classrooms. They tend to act with care and respect toward their environment and each other. They are able to work at their own pace and ability. The three-year Montessori experience tends to nurture a joy of learning that prepares them for further challenges.