When you walk into a room of Early Years children, the first thing you notice is how peaceful the environment is for our children to learn. A child builds with brown stairs to learn about different dimensions; nearby two others are working out how to count by tens with the 1000 chain; while another small group sits on the floor researching polar bears – looking up books, drawing and discussing.

Our Early Years Cycle 1 community is made up of three Early Learning (preschool) classrooms, and two Prep (school-age) classrooms.

This is a normal day in a MIC Early Years classroom. 

The morning opens with each child pouring themselves a drink of water, performing their brain gym exercises, and then they are off…tracing sandpaper letters with their fingers to learn the alphabet, turning the coloured globe to discover the continents and listening to bells to learn the C-major scales.

In our classrooms children turn real-life experiences into ideas and concepts, so they can make sense of the world they live in. It’s hands-on learning.

They finish the day wanting to know more – and looking forward to tomorrow, because at MIC our children discuss, scrutinize, question, unearth, make friends, play, resolve conflicts, and grow.

LIMITED spaces are still available for your 3-year-old to join our Early Learning Community in 2025!