At MIC music is for everyone. An essential aim of the music program is to ensure equal and open access to curriculum music lessons, instrumental music lessons, and performance opportunities for all students.

Within the context of access is the provision of appropriate facilities and equipment that will empower the community to cultivate high caliber performances, sound installations, and recordings.

Primarily, the music curriculum will aim to foster a love for music, instill a sense of wonder, and plant seeds of creativity. Further to these aims, students will become inspired to start taking Instrumental Music Lessons if they have not already begun.

In curriculum hours, students will sing, dance, compose and perform, and develop music literacy that will prepare them to take elective music. Students who take elective music should receive individual music lessons and perform in both a large ensemble and small ensemble. Elective music will focus on the skills required to succeed at Music in Practice (G11 and G12). These skills include solo and group performance and composition within the context of developing a portfolio.

Early Years
An introduction to singing and movement. Students learn to sing simple songs, clap simple rhythms and respond to music. The setting is both formal and informal with two classes each week.

Primary College
Students learn to sing songs with greater complexity and begin to develop music literacy.

Secondary College
Students from the Adolescent Community select music as an option within the Clubs and Teams program. Students can learn to play contemporary instruments such as guitar, bass and drums with the aim of performing as a band.

Senior students in the Adolescent Community may elect to take Music in Practice and will develop an understanding of what opportunities may be available to them within the music industry.

Instrumental Music Lessons
Children can learn an instrument of their choosing, and once enrolled in the Instrumental Music Program, students may join one of the ensembles to be coordinated over the year.

MIC Instrumental Music Program Concert – Term 3, 2019

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