“When students graduate Montessori International College they leave with our core values: a commitment to lifelong learning, a passion for exploration, and an unwavering belief in themselves and the power of community.”

Natalie Smith – Principal

Why Montessori

MIC is an independent, non-denominational school renowned for its innovative learning spaces and highly experienced and dedicated teachers.

Our College

MIC’s campus is located on 22 hectares of bushland and is developing into an international benchmark for quality Montessori education. MIC is a green school which prides itself on its engagement with the natural environment and the local community. We provide a quality Montessori education and highly personalised learning programs, with the benefit of economies of scale as we sustainably grow our school.

Students at MIC enjoy a learner-centered education. They experience hands-on, independent and purposeful learning as well as the support of a caring and inclusive community. Surrounded by nature, learning occurs in beautifully designed eco-friendly learning spaces under the guidance of highly skilled teachers. These learning spaces provide nurturing, aesthetically pleasing environments for MIC students to engage their intellectual curiosity and realise their creative potential.

Montessori students learn how to ask questions and know where to find answers. With the extra attention we provide in a small school environment, our students consistently demonstrate independence, accomplishment, responsibility for self and others, civility and an enthusiasm for distinction in all they do.

“Education … must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”

Dr Maria Montessori


LIMITED spaces are still available for your 3-year-old to join our Early Learning Community in 2025!