28 September, 2016, By richard

Michelle See Kee (who is currently completing her 3 to 6 Diploma with the Australian Centre for Montessori Studies [AMI]), as well as Michelle Martin (who was a student on the AMI 3 to 6 Sunshine Coast Course 2011-2013), came to observe in Nawa and Maiem during the last week of term three.

They sang and performed Taba Naba and other traditional Torres Strait Islander Songs for the children. Most of their songs were accompanied by a seated dance, where both of our visitors performed traditional movements corresponding to the lyrics. They also played traditional percussion instruments, including a rattle made from a cluster of seed pods.

Michelle and Michelle then talked and answered questions about life in the Torres Strait, such as what food is plentiful and what is not. It was a wonderful cultural experience for the children.

Taba Naba Lyrics:

Taba naba naba norem

Tugi penai siri mi

Dinghy e nabare

Miko keimi

Serere nabare

Taba naba norem style s.t.y.l.e

(repeated 3 times)


Come on let’s go to the reef

Get into the dinghy when the morning tide is low

Let us row to the edge of the reef

Come on let’s go to the reef.


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