24 October, 2018, By Admin

Our Senior Primary students have recently commenced a programme called the Montessori Model United Nations. This programme provides an opportunity for our current Year 5 students to take on real life world issues from the perspective of another country, and work together with other 9 – 12 year olds from Montessori schools worldwide to find a solution.

This work culminates in the students attending their first Montessori Model United Nations conference in Rome in May 2019.

At the conference they will present a speech, discuss world issues such as nuclear disarmament, advancement of women and the rights of children and together come up with solutions that will be shared with representatives from the real United Nations.

Currently we are learning about the Declaration of Human Rights and the history of how these rights were formed. The Year 5 students are enjoying finding out elements about our world that is new to them and are continuously filled with enthusiasm to learn on Wednesday mornings.

Aleisha Aroa
MMUN Coordinator
Senior Primary Guide

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