05 August, 2019, By Admin

It has been an exciting morning as our entire Junior Primary cohort set off on their annual 3-day camp!

Bags are packed, sleeping backs are rolled up and sun block and hats are on as our excited band of campers got some last-minute instructions from their Guides before boarding the bus.

This year campers will be participating in rock climbing, archery, low and mid ropes, round robin games, bushwalking, team problem solving challenges and swimming. (And, we’re sure, plenty of whispering and giggling with their friends at bedtime if it’s anything like the camps we remember as children!)

Camp is a valuable experience for our MIC children as they develop their independence, self-reliance and confidence as well as build and strengthen friendships with their peers.

We take our hats off to our wonderful Guides and Assistants who are taking time away from their own families to care for our MIC students for the next three days. We wish you (some) sleep and hope the coffee is good in the mornings!

We look forward to hearing all about their exciting adventures when they return on Wednesday!

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