13 August, 2019, By Admin

There was a lot of hot air blowing around at MIC on Monday when the Magical World of Science show came on campus to celebrate National Science Week. As much as we love getting out and about in the community – sometimes it is just as much fun when others come to MIC to visit us!

All four Junior Primary classes attended the session where they learned how low air pressure enables planes to fly, why an ”L” on a weather map means it’s going to be a windy day, how boomerangs come back and much more!

It was an action-packed and highly entertaining session as you can see from these clips. Be sure to ask your Junior Primary student about it – we are sure they’d love to tell you!

Science is fun! Junior primary students enjoyed an entertaining session on the Magical World of Science.
What do you get when you cross a toilet roll with moving air?
Air pressure versus gravity!

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