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National Tree Day is Australia’s biggest community tree planting event and MIC families joined the action on Friday 26 July.

Co-founded by Planet Ark and Olivia Newton-John in 1996, National Tree Day is a call-to-action for all Australians to venture outdoors and come together to engage in environmental activities and at MIC that means – planting a tree!

The weather was kind to us on Friday when we held our annual tree planting event to coincide with National Tree Day with MIC families invited to sponsor a tree. All the adolescent students and some Year 10 students came together to plant 40 local indigenous trees.

Tree planters from previous years were also invited to come in and have a photo with their tree, with a total of 30 trees sponsored by families so far.

There was a lot of furious action happening with digging, planting, mulching and watering with students all having different jobs in their small teams. The sponsored trees were planted by Dam 3 and were chosen to attract even more birds to the site.

Allocasuarina littoralis, The Black She Oak, was planted to hopefully bring in some Red-tailed black cockatoos or Glossy black cockatoos. Both species of bird are finding suitable habitat increasingly difficult to find as land clearing continues across the Sunshine Coast so here at MIC we are planting their favourite food trees.

Banksia robur, The Swamp Banksia were planted to attract honeyeaters to the site that feast on the nectar in the flowers in autumn/winter.

This beautiful video of the day was created by students Charlie Shelly and Hugo Wiffen and truly showcases our stunning natural environment here at MIC.

MIC families are invited to sponsor a tree at our annual tree planting event to coincide with National Tree Day

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