05 November, 2020, By Admin

Did you happen to notice those almost ethereal clumps of organic material perched on stumps, amongst the Adolescent drop off zone several weeks ago? Were you left wondering what they were? 

Last semester each Senior Primary student was presented with an opportunity to plan and create an artwork inspired by some of our most ingenious builders, surveyors and architects … the bird.

Each week a small group of students was shown a few short videos of nest construction. This led to a discussion on techniques that would later be transferred to a large human-made nest-like vessel made entirely from local, natural, and completely compostable materials.

Art classes set in our beautiful surroundings, using the abundance of plant growth and connecting with nature, followed on from the artwork presented during e-learning. Gawung students had studied the art of Andy Goldsworthy, and Nerida students, the art of Shona Wilson. 

Map reading and seeking out the designated location set the challenge as well as adding a layer of intrigue and suspense. Safe use of tools, respect for nature, exploring manual art techniques, and collaborative group work were some of the many elements present throughout this project. 

A time for reflection at the end of each lesson made it apparent that each group member experienced growth by overcoming obstacles and working collaboratively. This really was a beautiful project to be involved in and the students ought to feel a sense of accomplishment for rising to the challenge and creating art that communicated so much.

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