16 September, 2020, By Admin

It was a glorious afternoon amongst the trees here at MIC yesterday when our Year 6 students experienced hands-on learning at its best for their Australian History extension lesson.

No textbooks were required as students decided to try their hand at making bush damper over an open fire as the European settlers did so long ago.

One group of students planned what they needed, another built two fires and prepared the coals and other students set up the mats and shared out the damper ingredients.

Each child had to whittle their own stick before making their damper. A messy job for everyone!

Next, they wound the dough around their stick and cooked it over an open fire. Some bread fell in the fire, some got charred….but all got gobbled up and some students even went back for seconds!

The damper was served with lashings of golden syrup and a cup of billy tea. A true Aussie outdoor experience right here in our beautiful natural environment.

Some school experiences you never forget and we’re sure this was one of those moments for our Year 6 students yesterday!

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