03 December, 2020, By Admin

It’s the final week of the school year and, for us at MIC, that means Transition Week!

College-wide, transitions take place in the final year of Term 4 with all transitioning students spending the week in their new environment.

Transitions are undertaken in the final week of Term 4 so that students have an opportunity to get to know their Guides and peers and experience their new classroom and routine before returning to school after the long summer break.

So, this week, our Early Years students moved to their Prep class, our Prep students made the journey upstairs in the Roundhouse and joined Junior Primary, our Year Three students made their way over to Senior Primary, and our Year 6 students made the big move to the other side of our campus to join the Secondary College.

There were some nervous smiles and giggles on the first day, big waves of goodbye and cheery farewells from their peers – “We’ll miss you!” – with everyone settling in quickly to their new classroom. It’s telling what a smooth and considered process it is when there are so many happy faces across the College.

As always, Maria says it best:

“One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.”

Dr Maria Montessori

Wishing all of our Prep, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 7 students all the best with their new classes!

Wandi students formed a guard of honour to say farewell to their Year 3 friends who headed off to Senior Primary this week.

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