The Local Integrated Studies Program (Year 9 – Year 10) supports adolescents to find a meaningful place within the community as a leader. It is also designed to encourage students to build academic independence.

Students undertake local integrated studies with topics and projects based on regional issues and that reflect each student’s individual interests.

In Year 9 and Year 10 students begin to assume leadership roles, by leading community meetings, instigating communicating projects and leading and mentoring younger peers. They assume the role of ”employer” in the micro-economy businesses and begin to specialise in roles that have a leadership and management focus. Students also have the opportunity to design and lead Clubs and Teams activities and to begin to organise internal events.

Students in the Year 9 – Year 10 couplet also adopt leadership roles on the 10-day Odyssey expedition where they lead students in the Year 7 – Year 8 couplet.

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