06 March, 2019, By Admin

There’s an air of excitement at MIC today as dozens of hungry tummies patiently await the delivery of their first sushi order for 2019.

Hospitality students in our Adolescent Community (Years 7, 8 and 9) were this morning deftly working out a system to coordinate the transfer of sushi rolls into labelled environmentally-friendly serving boxes and bags, ready for delivery to each MIC learning environment by lunchtime.

With fresh sushi including yummy flavours ranging from Teriyaki Chicken to Tuna, Salmon, Tuna and Avacado, Avocado and Tempura Vegetable, there will be some very happy students across the campus in the next hour or two.

Year 9 student, Keeley O’Hara, said she chose to study Hospitality this year as it ‘sounded fun’ and she was looking forward to fulfilling her role in the Sushi Micro-economy.

Hospitality students are divided into three groups – one group does the cooking and prep for the Student Cafe, a second group does Sushi and the third group will run the Student Cafe which is expected to kick off in the next week or two.

Well done to all involved in the today’s first Sushi order of the year. The whole school thanks you!

Any MIC families who missed out this week – it’s easy to order via the MIC-RO website. The deadline for sushi orders is midday every Monday for delivery Wednesday lunchtime.


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