07 September, 2016, By richard

Adolescent students have been busy constructing a bee nesting box for solitary native bees. These boxes are being called bee hotels or bee motels in the press. We have been learning just how important native bees are for the pollination of flowers. When the students finished building the hotel, they relocated the box from the adolescent community out to the farm where we can put the bees to good use pollinating our vegetables.

The adolescent community now has a hive of honey bees, a nest of social native bees and a bee box to attract native solitary bees.

Many solitary bees live in nest burrows in the ground but they also like to have nest burrows in dead timber such as banksia, leptospermum and acacia. The students used timber from dead trees found on the property as well as bamboo to fill in the gaps. The students drilled holes into the timber for the bees to use as nests. If you get a chance to visit the adolescent environment ask to see the stingless solitary bees in their new home.


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