08 February, 2024, By Teva Smith

We have begun the year with rain and sunshine and wonderful amounts of positive energy from our community and students. The question is, once the ‘newness’ of the year begins to fade, how do we sustain momentum for the months ahead? In this we are extremely fortunate because, under the Montessori philosophy, renewal is not a once-a-year event but a perpetual state of becoming, fostering growth and exploration in each child. 

Rooted in holistic development, Montessori classrooms provide a dynamic space where renewal is woven into the daily fabric. Students are encouraged to follow their interests, explore curiosities, and take ownership of their day-to-day learning journey. This approach, inspired by Maria Montessori’s vision, ensures that children work with a natural enthusiasm and curiosity, encapsulated by her powerful words, ‘The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ 

Observation and flexibility are also key in sustaining momentum. The multi-age classrooms facilitate collaboration, where older students mentor younger peers, fostering both academic and social growth. In these environments educators are keenly observing each child’s progress, tailoring the learning experience to individual needs. 

It is a dance if you like, a flow of learning back and forth as students move inside between classroom activities, interactions with peers and guides, and outside becoming immersed in nature around the campus.

Momentum is also sustained by active and engaged relationships between the College and parents, with open communication at its heart. Regular updates on a child’s progress, developments within the College, and collaborative opportunities create a partnership in education, reinforcing the connection between home and school. This is a priority for us in 2024. 

By embracing the principles of the Montessori philosophy—observation, individualisation, collaboration, and celebration—we ensure that each day is an opportunity for growth, making the educational journey at MIC a continuous and fulfilling adventure.

Natalie Smith

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