Cultural Fair 2019 18 June, 2019, By Admin

International cuisine, traditional song and dance, palm weaving, fashion, a scale model of a stilt home made from lolly pop sticks, dioramas, clay models of the life cycle of a Sea Turtle, handwoven string bags, posters, puzzle maps, a game of ”Who am I?”, iMovies….you name it, our Primary College students experienced it today at our annual MIC Cultural Fair.

Designed to showcase and engage students in other cultures, Cultural Fair is an opportunity for Junior Primary and Senior Primary students to choose a topic they are interested in, conduct their own research and then choose their own way to creatively display what they have learnt to their peers.

This year, Cultural Fair was focused on the Oceania region with projects on everywhere from Australia to Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Marshall Island, the Solomon Islands and many more.

This is Big Work for our primary students and it’s a great example of the ‘freedom within limits’ philosophy at MIC. Each student was free to choose their project partners, the country or region they wanted to learn about, what research they wanted to undertake and how they wanted to undertake it, and how they wanted to present what they’ve learnt to their fellow students.

So many smiling faces and confident presentations as each child proudly displayed the results of all of their hard work today. A fantastic way to round out a busy Term 2 at MIC!

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