Thank you for your interest in MIC. Following is an explanation of our Application Process. Please read this carefully.

School tour

The Application Process begins with your attendance at one of our School Tours. School Tours are held on a Thursday morning, once a month for parents of children aged 0-5yrs and bi-annually for parents of children aged 6-18yrs. To reserve a place on a next School Tour simply visit the ‘How to Enrol’ section of our website to register your attendance.

Application for enrolment

At the conclusion of the school tour you will receive an Enrolment Information Pack containing an Enrolment Information Handbook and an Application for Enrolment form. Depending on the age of the applicant, the Application for Enrolment form requires additional attachments, including school reports, teacher recommendations, specialist reports and assessments, community member recommendations, student questions and essays etc. The Application for Enrolment form is complete when all additional attachments have been received. No Application for Enrolment form will be considered until it is complete. A $200 non-refundable Application for Enrolment fee applies at this stage.

Following receipt of a complete Application for Enrolment form the College will email a letter of confirmation with one of the following things: a) invite to attend a Classroom Observation, b) notify you of being placed on the applicant waiting list, c) request additional recommendations or other information, d) send notice that the applicant has not been accepted.

Classroom observation (Early Years and Primary)

Pending a place becoming available, parents applying for the Early Years and Primary College will be invited to attend a Classroom Observation. Observations are an important part of the application process where parents are able to gain a greater understanding of a Montessori classroom by spending time in one and making their own observations. Observations are usually held for 30 minutes during the morning and we request that both parents, if possible, are able to attend.


The application process also requires the applicant and their parents to meet with either the Assistant Principal or Principal. Pending a place becoming available the school may contact you and invite you to attend a meeting. The meeting can be considered a relaxed conversation where we are gaining insight and learning more about the unique qualities of the applicant. This is also an opportunity for the school to answer your questions to make sure you are clear about our missions and values.

Pre-placement visits (Secondary College)

Pending places, Secondary College applicants will be invited to attend MIC for a two-day pre-placement visit. During these two days, the applicant will experience an academic day and either a specialist or community work day. Pre-placement visits may be offered to primary students in certain circumstances by permission of the Assistant Principal. At the end of the second day, the class guide will meet with the parents and the applicant for a brief conference and overview of the two days.

Follow up meeting

Following the completion of the two-day pre-placement visit, parents may be invited back to attend a follow up meeting. This follow up meeting would be beneficial in gathering further information on the applicant and for discussing observations from their pre-placement visits and assessments. Dependent on discussions and outcome of the follow up meeting the applicant may be invited back to attend further pre-placement visits.

Enrolments Committee review

The Enrolments Committee reviews each of the individual requirements of the Application Process for the applicant, including, but not limited to, the complete Application for Enrolment and attachments, interview notes, pre-placement notes, pre-placement assessments etc. The Enrolments Committee meets twice a month.

Notice in writing

Once the Enrolments Committee has reviewed each of the Application Process requirements and they are sure there is a place available for the applicant an Offer of Place letter and Contract of Enrolment will be sent out. The Contract of Enrolment should be completed and returned within 14 days together with a $400 non- refundable Placement fee and an Enrolment Bond of one term’s fees. If the College is unable to confirm a place for the applicant they will be notified in writing.

The Application Process for entry into MIC includes, but is not limited to, the review and analysis of each of the above requirements. Each requirement is considered an individual part of the Application Process. Please note, an Offer of Place letter cannot be sent out until all of the above requirements have been met, however, if the College is unable to offer a place for the applicant they can be notified in writing at any stage of the Application Process.

If you have any questions in relation to enrolments please do not hesitate to email us at

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