Sarsha Wittahn

Sarsha Wittahn

Parent Ambassador Ninderry (Early Years)

What do you love about MIC?

I love how supportive and nurturing the MIC community is, not only with our children but also the parents. I’m grateful that my daughter has the opportunity for an education with an holistic approach to learning, that teaches her respect, love and independence and supports her learning as an individual.

What year did you join the MIC parent community?


How would you best describe your role as a parent ambassador?

As parent ambassador we help to create a sense of community within the class and school. Examples of which are organising social events for our families, welcoming new families, rustling up volunteers for MIC events and classroom help, and supporting our Guides. Also helping to create connection. Examples are attending Parent Ambassador meetings with Chiray (our Principal) to bring queries from parents to the Leadership Team and information from the Leadership Team to parents, helping create support from parents for MIC initiatives and events and understanding what’s happening around the campus so I can answer any questions parents may have.

What’s your favourite thing about your role as parent ambassador?

Meeting and getting to know all the beautiful families, helping to create connections within the Montessori community and supporting each other. Having fun along the way!



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