Roelien Van Leeuwen

Roelien van Leeuwen

Parent Ambassador – Wira (Junior Primary)

What do you love about MIC?

I love the tight-knit community at MIC, people really look after each other – parents, as well as the children.

What year did you join the MIC parent community?

We joined MIC in 2017. I became a Parent Ambassador at the end of the same year.

How you would best describe your role as a parent ambassador?

As Parent Ambassadors we try to create a community by encouraging families to socialise outside of school. We have also started bringing two classes (Bama and Yumi) together, which has worked so well. We organise anything from playdates and family nights out to museum trips. We help new families feel welcome and also help facilitate individual playdates between families. We strive to be the ”village” that raises a child when a family needs it.

What’s your favourite thing about your role as parent ambassador?

My favourite part of being a Parent Ambassador is being able to facilitate the social aspect of the class and making parents feel welcomed. I feel creating this social network is such an important and hopefully enjoyable part of the school journey.

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