Melissa Schembri

Melissa Schembri

Parent Ambassador – Wandi (Junior Primary)

What do you love about MIC?

There are so many things that I love about MIC! I love all of the amazing parents, the awesome school events, the stunning school premises, but most importantly the Montessori style of learning which enables my daughter to reach her full potential.

What year did you join the MIC parent community?

We were new to the school in 2019 and we are constantly wowed by every MIC event and the high level of education provided.

How you would best describe your role as a parent ambassador?

There are so many families that have moved to the Sunshine Coast away from their biological family, so I believe that the next best thing is to create a new family within our MIC classes. I feel that my role as Parent Ambassador is to provide opportunities for the families to gather and create strong bonds and support of each other.

What’s your favourite thing about your role as parent ambassador?

I absolutely love being Parent Ambassador of Wandi to create long term relationships with parents and children. It is an absolute privilege to meet the families and bring them together to create a loving and supportive community.

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