Jillian Duess

Jillian Duess


Bachelor of Arts (Health Studies); Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary); Certificate III & Diploma in Children’s Services (Bridging Program); currently completing Montessori (3-6) Diploma

Why are you involved with Montessori education?

I was drawn to Montessori education because of the holistic approach to learning. I love how Montessori responds to the child’s whole being and understands how learning is multi-faceted and influenced by a child’s changing needs, skills and requirements. Montessori education is an individualised approach to learning, which I feel is how education should be.

What year did you commence at MIC?


How would you describe what you do?

Through maintaining close and respectful relationships with children I am able to guide learning, extend and strengthen children’s skills, encourage interests, investigate curiosities, instil a love of learning and sense of wonder in the world.

What’s your favourite thing about your role?

 I have the opportunity to empower children to feel valued, heard and important. I love creating these trusting relationships with children.
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