Ellie Liang

Ellie Liang

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education; Diploma of Early Childhood Education; Denmark Forest School Nature Inside and Out

Why are you involved with Montessori education?

My first Montessori experience was with researching and selecting an early learning centre for my son in 2008. I was really impressed by their interesting approach, classroom setting and the unique architectural design called Children’s House. I was formally introduced to Montessori methodology during my early childhood education study in Sydney, 2011. After relocating and working in different centres, finally this year I had the opportunity to join the MIC family. A place where I am certain it stands out in preparing children for life ahead. A passionate and professional team and culture that is truly ”making a difference” in children’s learning and for the future society. I am so happy and proud to be part of this MIC team and can’t wait to start professional Montessori training in the next stage of my journey.

What year did you commence at MIC?


How would you describe what you do?

I see myself as a co-learner and a facilitator and I believe each child is a unique, intelligent individual who is capable and competent in their own way. My role is to nurture their curiosity in the world around them as children thrive and learn best when they feel safe, secure, supported, included, trusted and loved. Smooth transition between home and early learning centre, and a predictable daily routine, can provide prime learning opportunities for children as they adapt to change and regulate their emotions to become confident and independent learners.

What’s your favourite thing about your role?

To see children are so happy, calm and engaged in their learning play. Our amazing Forest School days which provide endless learning opportunities for children’s overall development such as risk-taking, freedom to explore, building a cubby house, reading, drawing, climbing or being creative in the mud kitchen.

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