See what some of our parents say…


“Our son Tashi really loves Rhee Tae Kwon-Do.  He is involved now for a third term in Forest Glen.  He loves the challenge of learning new patterns, helping others, practising and fine-tuning new skills as well as the games that instructors use to make the lessons fun. He is motivated to achieve new levels of proficiency and different coloured belts. He also enjoys the Action Days where he gets the chance to promote and see students from other branches and what they are learning.

As parents, we appreciate this martial arts activity is on-school grounds, that our son is enthusiastic, develops focus, and takes part with friends. We see that he learns discipline and perseverance, which are skills he can apply to other areas of his life. We also like that the lessons encourage respect and compassion for other people, including parents.  The lessons also teach students the skills they learn are to be used for self-defence only and to help teach others of lower levels with permission of instructors. We would invite other families to consider getting their kids involved.”

Liara Covert Montessori+ Rhee Taekwondo Parent

My daughter started at MIC in Grade 2. Oh my goodness, the changes we have witnessed have been nothing short of miraculous. Almost every day when she jumps into the car she says her day was great. She is always happy to go in the morning and we now do drop off and pick up from our car. I was never able to do that before. She has her confidence back; she has a genuine love of learning and has made such incredible new friends.

Staying with the same beautiful teachers leading into Grade 3 has been so wonderful for her. These teachers know my child. They work hard to connect with my child and they inspire my child.

Seeing my beautiful girl come back to loving and living life happily again, has given me the ability to trust a school again. This is priceless.     

Ali Lambole Parent
"In my time tutoring at MIC, I have met some incredible individuals and groups. From organising with ease, the workshop details with the amazing MIC Staff to running classes with all incredible participants – forever eager to partake in the hour's activities. Each week would see participants arrive with energy and eagerness, and leaving, with equal enthusiasm – there to learn and partake every time. I have had participants come along when feeling under the weather, or very time poor, attending knowing that the workshop is time for themselves and holds great value. It has been nothing but a pleasure to run workshops at MIC over the past 18 months, and I look forward to continuing doing so in the future."
Brad Arthars Brad Arthars Personal Training
"I have absolutely loved using the space at the Montessori school to run my Intuition4Kids workshops. Marina has been so friendly, helpful and easy to liaise with. The venue is perfect! It has beautiful indoor spaces for the children to do activities, all the spaces we could ever require. A place to sit on the floor in a circle, tables to draw at, outside area to have morning tea, a big field to run around and connect with the earth and a little forest to explore as part of our learning. I had tried many other places before finding the Montessori school and nothing has even come close. I am so happy with the little community feeling the school has and how welcome I have felt coming here to run my school holidays workshops for kids."
Elina Raven Intuition4Kids
"Great opportunity to build some new skills and explore your capabilities. "
Fiona Blonde Parent
"It is so wonderful to be able to book my children into 3 workshops in one day over the holidays to learn new skills - crocheting, cupcake decorating & Confidence Building workshops. Tutors are very talented and experienced!"
Loren Cattermole Parent
""The Montessori education at MIC has our children learning in a calm and positive environment, they have developed an array of life skills, developed more self-confidence and have been able to academically perform in ways that match their individual learning styles. MIC also embraces the teacher-parent-student relationship as part of a child’s social and academic development, which for us has been paramount. The team of staff at MIC are so compassionate, guiding our children, helping them through the challenging times and providing support to us as parents. MIC has a community of students who care for themselves and each other and who respect their whole student and teacher community. Our family feels fortunate to be part of the Montessori educational journey that MIC is delivering.""
Kerri and Matt Murphy Parents
""My experience as a classroom Guide has shown me that our students are very capable individuals who value the importance of beautiful work, grace and courtesy and respect for their surrounding environment. Having a classroom of multi-aged students allows for a variety of working relationships, social development and most importantly, support and guidance from one another. MIC is a small, close-knit community and as a staff member, I have recognised the importance of collaborating and communicating with each other and with parents to support the independence and natural development of the child. Teaching at MIC has been such a rewarding experience that has allowed me to further my own personal learning journey and explore an alternative approach to education.""
Lauren Paterson Junior Primary Guide, Montessori International College
"‘Our children were 4 and 1 year old when we discovered Montessori International College. What we loved most about the school is how each child is celebrated for their uniqueness. Upon entering MIC, Jack and Abi were led to discover through their own efforts the delight in solving problems and mastering skills, social and academic. In an environment of respect they experienced mentorship from their guides and just as easily assumed the role of mentor.  Immediately after graduation of year 12, self funded - my eldest spent six months backpacking in Europe on his own. Their enthusiasm and love for life speaks volumes - a testament to MIC.'"
Kara Wright Parent
"“Witnessing our daughter's desire to learn and her self-confidence develop,  hearing her tell others ‘my school is so cool’, witnessing her growth and respect for self and those around her, assure us that she is in the best environment to become the best her.”"
Rebecca & Adrian Ramsay Parents