This is an explanation of the transitioning process for currently enrolled students completing the Adolescent Program (Yr. 9), who are looking for entry into the Senior Phase (Yr. 10) the following year.

Term 1

Toward the end of Term 1, parents are notified by email of the transitioning process requirements. This includes the due dates and information relating to the Parent Information Evening and Student Interviews with the Assistant Principal.

The online booking links are provided at this time of notification.

Term 2

Week 1Parent Information Session: Assistant Principal, Nick Harrison (Head of the Senior Program) and staff hold a parent education evening to share the Senior Phase Program and entry into it.

Student Information Session: Assistant Principal, Nick Harrison (Head of the Senior Program) and staff meet with the current Year 9 students to share information in regards to the Senior Phase Program and its entry requirements.

Week 3Student Questions & Essay: The year 9 students are required to complete and submit the Student Question & Essay form to the Assistant Principal. The students will be provided with this form prior to week 3.  The students can contemplate their answers and discuss them with parents, however, they will complete the Student Question & Essay in class in week 3.

Weeks 4 – 9 – Students and their parents are invited to attend the Student Interview with the Assistant Principal of the Senior Phase Program and one of the senior teachers.  Students are asked to bring a  Portfolio of Work to this interview.

Portfolio of Work

We request that students ensure their portfolio includes:

  • A collection of their work which reflects their learning
  • Examples of work for them to discuss their strengths and areas which need improvement
  • Includes feedback from teachers/mentors
  • Includes evidence of self evaluation and reflection

We wish to see evidence that students have or are developing the following qualities (the senior adolescents should be asking themselves the questions below):

  • Responsibility – Do you use your time purposefully and productively?
  • Independence – Do you work well independently?
  • Collaboration – How well do you work with others?
  • Organisation – How effectively do you manage your time and resources?
  • Initiative – are you curious, engaged and do you have a positive attitude?
  • Self-Regulation – do you apply effort, seek assistance and persevere when challenged?

Expression of Interest:
Expression of Interest forms to attend the Senior Phase Program are handed out at the Student Interview.  These forms can be handed in to the office or emailed to and are due prior to the end of Term 2.

Term 3

Week 1Notification of Entry

A Confirmation of Transition letter will be sent out to parents (and students) who attended Student Interviews and lodged Expression of Interest Forms. This letter will be sent out via email in early Term 3, or if there is need for further discussion, a Request for Follow-Up Meeting letter will be sent out.

Weeks 2 – 3 – Follow Up Meetings

The Assistant Principal of the Senior Phase Program will arrange and attend follow up meetings with parents as required. These meetings are a forum for feedback, discussion and follow up of the student’s transition application.

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