On Wednesday, February 17, the whole cast gathered at the Adolescent Hub from 1.30pm to hear the cast announcement and a run-through of the show.

Students were each given a hardcopy script which they will need to either have bound or put into a folder. They will then need to bring their script to rehearsals each week.

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move around in for rehearsals. We also ask that students bring a highlighter, pencil and water bottle to rehearsals each week.

Rehearsal Schedule

The full rehearsal schedule is now finalised and is available for download below. This schedule details what numbers and scenes we will be rehearsing and where. It is a good reference for students to prepare for rehearsal to go over dances/songs/lines beforehand. The Pick Up Schedule is quick reference to check the night before/mark in the calendar for when to pick up students.

Rehearsal Music

We have also received music from Music Theatre International to rehearse with. Due to copyright this music is for rehearsal purposes only and cannot be used outside of rehearsals. The cast is encouraged to achieve a neutral accent, not imitate the American accent heard in the recordings.

The music can be downloaded from here.

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