Learning is about engaging effectively, and effective understanding leads to deep learning and the desire to learn.

In a classroom at MIC, learning is child-led allowing children to pursue their interests and become actively engaged in their learning. Specific lessons are presented by the class Guide or Assistant to meet the individual needs of each student, in either one-on-one or small group lessons. Lessons presented in this way are possible at MIC as every Early Years and Primary class has at least two educators.

As our Guides work so closely with the students in their class, it is clear when students require additional support in a certain area. Guides and assistants will spend further time working with the child to understand their individual needs. When a Guide is concerned about a child’s learning they will discuss with the parents before requesting further assistance from the Learning Support Program

The Learning Support Program consists of a Learning Support Coordinator and a team of highly experienced and qualified Learning Support Specialist Teachers. The Learning Support Coordinator oversees the program and ensures it meets all regulatory and administrative requirements while the specialist teachers run explicit, teacher-led lessons to address the specific learning needs of individual students. Weekly lessons are usually one-on-one, or in small groups of 2-3 children, and are designed to ensure that core concepts in maths and literacy are understood.

A core outcome of the Learning Support Program is inclusion support, as it allows students to remain with their class of peers for the majority of the week, ensuring they can continue to access the Montessori curriculum alongside their peers.