Learning Engagement and Enrichment Pathways

Learning is about engaging effectively, and effective engagement leads to enriching experiences and the desire to learn. Learning has many pathways – literacy, numeracy, social, emotional, sensory integration and movement.

In our Learning Engagement and Enrichment Pathways (LEEP) program, students ages 3 to 18, staff and parents participate in a variety of workshops, education events and professional development programs. The focus is to engage students and adults in meaningful experiences to further develop their understanding and relevant skill sets to support their learning experience. Collaborative partnerships between students, teachers and parents work towards independent and life long learning.

The workshops for students operate in the LEEP Hub classroom Waa-Widji. These workshops are provided as part of the daily educational experiences to support the students in their specific learning needs. Parent educational events are provided throughout the year to offer them the opportunity to learn about what their children are doing. Professional development workshops are provided for the staff to further develop best teaching practices and deepen professional knowledge in supporting a variety learning differences.

A variety of student engagement workshops support a variety of learning needs. For ages 6 to 12: literacy, motor sensory integration and social thinking; and for ages 12-18: time management, writing, current events, and resume writing.

LEEP forward… learning is a lifelong experience!

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