Tam Sainsbury

Tam Sainsbury is a scriptwriter, film director and producer. Since graduating from the University of Surrey in London 15 years ago with a degree in film and television she has worked in several countries on feature films, news programs, documentaries, advertisements and television shows.

She has written, directed and produced numerous short films, directed one feature film and written 4 feature film screenplays (two of which were adapted from best selling novels). She has written two children’s book which she is now developing into an animation series.

Tam grew up acting in theatre companies and was continually on stage and eventually directed several plays in London. In her early twenties she transitioned to film and television and from this
experience she now enjoys directing and teaching students about screen acting and passing on the techniques of acting for the camera as opposed to on the stage.

Tam is a member of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG), Australian Writers Guild (AWG) and The Writers Guild Of America (WGA).

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