Josiah Chapman

Josiah Chapman is an international performer based on the Sunshine Coast. A multi-instrumentalist, he is experienced in playing in a range of different settings and genres.

Josiah performs regularly around the Sunshine Coast and is involved in a number of ensembles ranging from a solo performer to band settings. He has completed a Bachelor of Jazz Music with a Major in Performance at JMI (Jazz Music Institute) in Brisbane. His passion for music started as a young guitarist, his primary instrument, and developed into a love for other instruments. He now passes this love for all things musical onto the next generation in schools, privately and in group classes.

Josiah enjoys freelancing as a soloist and in the past has taught in and around Brisbane and more recently schools around the Sunshine Coast region.

Josiah aims to enable students to focus on building a solid repertoire aiming at:

  • insight and understanding of how their instrument works
  • developing their own voice on their chosen instrument
  • understanding the theory of music and its practical application.

Josiah Chapman Music aims to provide quality Music Education in Guitar/Piano and theory of music.  Catering for beginners to advanced students and encouraging students in the area of improvisation, performance and music theory.

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