These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) relate to the MIC Musical for 2021: Aladdin Jr. If your query is not addressed on this page, please contact Marina de Jager on

Q: My child is in the Junior Ensemble. If their rehearsal finishes at 3pm should I pick her up then or will the whole cast stay to support the others while they are rehearsing until 4pm?

A: We encourage parents to pick up their children at the end of their own rehearsal. Students finishing at 3pm and 3.30pm will be walked over to the Travelink for collection.

Q: Are all MIC students involved in the musical?

A: All MIC students are encouraged to participate in the musical, on or off stage. Only students in Years 1-10 will be performing, however students from Year 7-12 can assist backstage.

Q: What do students require for rehearsals?

A: Students should bring their script (which will be provided to them), a folder for their script, highlighter, pencil, comfortable clothing and shoes for moving around.

Q: My child is a bit nervous about the audition process. Will they be required to audition alone? Will they have to sing, dance, and act?

A: No, even children who have indicated they would like one of the lead roles won’t be auditioning alone. Only group auditions are being held so that children will be singing, dancing, and acting in a group with their peers.

Every child who wishes to participate in the musical will get a role. Therefore, the audition process is designed to be more of a ‘meet and greet’ than a traditional audition. The auditions will help the Creative Team work out which role will suit which child best.

Auditions for the lead roles will be held in groups of up to 10 children; auditions for the ensemble cast will be held in groups of up to 25 children – with simple songs and dances taught on the day. Libby (our choreographer) and Riley (our director) are very experienced in dealing with children and will do everything they can to make the process as relaxed and fun as possible.

Q: What is the cost to participate? Do all students involved have to pay or only those who will be on stage?

A: Each student who has an on-stage role will be required to pay a $100 Musical Levy. This levy contributes to the cost of costumes, professional fees, licensing and a show t-shirt.

Q: What if students miss some of the rehearsals? Is there a requirement to attend every week?

A: Putting on a production is like a team sport – it is vital to have required performers at each rehearsal. The rehearsal schedule will be arranged around school commitments such as camps, excursions and NAPLAN.

Q: Are costumes provided or do parents need to source/make them?

A: Costumes will be provided, however, students are required to arrange their own shoes, socks/stockings and underwear. Costume requirements will be sent home to parents at a later date.

Q: Will parents need to purchase tickets to the final show? Can grandparents and other family members attend?

A: Yes, tickets went on sale in early July and are available here. Everyone is welcome to attend including grandparents, family, neighbours and friends. The shows are also open to the public.

Q: Should students be practicing their lines/songs/dances at home as well? How often is it recommended that student practice at home?

A: Absolutely, the more students practice, the more familiar they will be with their material and the more comfortable they will be on stage. The ideal amount of time spent practicing at home will be dependent on the student’s role in the production.

Q: As there will be auditions, does that mean some students who want to participate may miss out?

A: All students who audition will be in the production. However, not all students can play the Genie, for example, so students may not necessarily get to play the character they audition for.

Q: Can parents help out? How? Can it work toward their Energy Levy?

A: Yes! We need parent support and it can work toward the Energy Levy. There are many ways parents can get involved and help make this production a success. Interested parents are asked to complete this EOI form and the Creative Team will then get in touch directly.

Q: As students in the Adolescent Community have their Clubs and Teams sessions on Wednesday afternoons, can they still participate in the musical?

A: The musical rehearsal sessions on Wednesday afternoons are considered to be a Clubs and Teams activity for students in the Adolescent Community. So these students will attend weekly rehearsals while their fellow students attend Clubs and Teams.

Q: Will the monkey (Abu) and the tiger (Rajah) be in this production?

A: No. The monkey (Abu) and the tiger (Rajah) have been replaced to be Aladdin’s friends (Babkak, Omar and Kassim) and Jasmine’s friends (Isir, Manal and Rajah).