Updated July 13, 2021

MIC Buy and Sell Shoes, Stockings and Bodysuits

Please add any items (new or second hand) that you would like to sell or swap to this Google Document along with your contact details so that families can contact one another directly. Once an item is sold, please delete your item and contact details from this document.

MIC has extra stockings available that can be purchased here.

All Students – Shoes 

We would prefer students to wear either caramel or hazelnut jazz shoes (either slip on or lace up) or new white canvas rubber soled shoes (either slip on or lace up). We recommend that students wear the jazz shoe option especially if they have a significant dancing role. 

Families can source second-hand jazz shoes, or buy white canvas shoes (such as these ones from Big W).

So we can ensure all students have shoes for the show, please complete this form informing us that you have organised shoes. 

Cast member’s shoe sizes can be provided to the Creative Team in this document.

Female Students – Dance Tights or Pantyhose

We ask that Senior Primary and Adolescent Community female performers wear dance tights or pantyhose during performances. Junior Primary students have the option to wear dance tights/pantyhose or not.

Dance tights can be purchased through the Schoolzine link. However, there are many places to buy alternative pantyhose including Kmart, Best&Less and eBay. When purchasing somewhere else please choose hazelnut or warm sand colours, with 40-60 denier.

We recommend buying two pairs so students have a back-up pair. 

Male & Junior Primary Students – Socks

We ask that male performers and Junior Primary students wear white ankle socks with no colour or branding. 

Female Students – Undergarments 

Bodysuits or appropriate modesty wear are recommended for quick changes and being comfortable. To ensure they can’t be seen through costumes, we recommend skin tone and straps that are as slim as possible, and to avoid big branding. 

Alternatively, tight-fitting beige, suntan or tan singlets can be used, or crop-tops or bralettes with appropriate underwear are a great alternative. Please ensure the straps are as slim as possible so they can’t be seen underneath the costumes. 

There are suitable ones available at Kmart (details here), Best & Less (details here) or eBay (details here).

Male Students – Undergarments 

Males are required to wear light coloured underwear so no dark colours or patterns are seen underneath costumes. 

All Students – Make Up

Wearing makeup in performances highlights students’ faces so the light doesn’t wash them out and hollow their eyes. For our Aladdin show, students will be required to wear basic face makeup (foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow). There is no need to go and buy new makeup as we are hoping that families are able to use what they already have at home. We will be providing further details and a make-up tutorial closer to the performance date. 

We have attached a checklist for families to ensure they have sourced the appropriate items. Download Costume Checklist here.